When summer is here (and especially when the end of it is near), the last thing you probably want to think about is marketing. You’re more likely thinking…

  • Do I really need to be working?
  • How close is the beach?
  • When is the next BBQ?
  • Where is a nice cool shaded area to enjoy some peaceful moments?

To help you enjoy the beautiful summer weather and continue promoting your business or organization, check out the following 10 ways to improve your marketing.

  1. Learn from past experiences: Review what worked and didn’t work for your marketing last summer to build on successes.
  1. Create themed content: Plan a campaign theme or specific promotion for an official holiday or a special observance (e.g. Happiness Happens Day or Eat Outside Day).

Check out our online sustainability content calendar with international and national holidays, and business and environmental observances from across the world.

  1. Feature seasonal images: Add summer content to your social media (e.g. vacation photos and videos, discuss favourite destinations, etc.) and schedule several posts in advance to increase engagement.
  1. Catch eyes passing by: Attract walk-in traffic with outdoor advertising and by offer your location as a “keep cool” station.
  1. Plan or Sponsor a Summer Event: Host your own event e.g. BBQ, DIY demonstration, games night, etc. or partner in a local event such as a charity fundraiser or sports event.
We know that hosting and attending festivals in person and face-to-face networking events is challenging due to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, there are still plenty of ways to connect with your target audience this summer. Think of how your products or services could help make backyard gatherings more enjoyable, and ways reduce isolation for remote workers.
  1. Connect local relationships: Participate or partner in a local community or networking event with branded merchandise or temperate related items to hand out.
  1. Promote your brand: Give away seasonal (and trending) items such as selfie sticks, beach towels and accessories, backyard items, mini-fans, travel bags, etc. that reflect your brand.
  1. Focus on mobile offers: Build your mobile audience with an invite for them to text in attractive images that will earn a time-limited special offer, discount, coupon or opportunity (be creative!).
  1. Try something different: Create new (and downloadable) content for your website and physical marketing collateral – consider sharing your summer experiences.
  1. Take time off: Remember to unplug for a few days to unwind and recharge before the fall rush!

The first day of summer is close, so start planning ways to promote your business and be remembered. Use the positivity and excitement that summer brings to boost your marketing campaigns. Embrace the season, and take the opportunity to implement some of these tips in your business during the sunny months. Last of all, have fun.

Comment below if these tips help you achieve your summer marketing goals.

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This article is revised from the original published in our e-newsletter of July 2018.