Creating content for a blog or social media is a great marketing strategy to connect with your customers and improve your business. But where do you begin?

Start by planning an editorial calendar, also known as a publishing schedule. An editorial calendar is a visual way to track content you plan to schedule in various media during the year. It is usually is set up in a calendar style format to outline the workflow of your content marketing plan.

Read the following four steps to start planning your content marketing with an editorial calendar.

Step 1: Focus on what fits

Upcoming holidays and observances of all kinds are a great start. First, focus your efforts by considering:

  • What dates are important to your industry and audience?
  • What themes are relevant to your overall marketing mix?
  • What content will suit your long-term business goals?

There are many sources for hashtag holidays. Check out our Sustainability Content Calendar with over 500 holidays and observances.

Step 2: Organize in Advance

Set up your content plan on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis that best meets your business needs. Use a printed calendar, electronic spreadsheet, or a scheduling app for automation to make the process easier.

Click the links below to download free templates if you are looking for examples:

Step 3: Develop and Launch

After selecting dates, assign tasks for employees or contractors to find the relevant information and create visuals, copy, etc. well in advance.

TIP: Avoid overloading your audience with too many special dates and messages by:
1. Reusing messages on different days or posting at different times.
2. Curating content by adding links to other blogs, websites or social media.
3. Writing and testing multiple messages to promote the same content.


Step 4: Measure the Results

Track impacts of your content to check if your goals were achieved. Knowing the results can help you duplicate or enhance successes, and omit content that does not resonate with your audience.

Planning your Content Strategy

Publishing quality content and managing a variety of content in different media channels has its challenges. Planning ahead with an editorial calendar will help you avoid doing things at the last minute and all the costs associated with that.

If you feel overwhelmed by the content planning process, give us a call to get organized quicker. We can provide ideas for appropriate content, and create what fits your business goals at a reasonable price.

This article is revised from the original published in our e-newsletter of September 2019.