Building an online social presence is a flexible and meaningful way for your customers to connect with your brand.  It’s also a great opportunity to create a community of people to interact with and connect to each other, especially through social media.

Earth to Business Marketing began creating its online social presence on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Not only was this step an opportunity to announce the business formation, but also to involve others in the start-up phase. Sharing experiences online (aka your story) motivates others to feel invested in your success and supportive in times of failure. For example, within a few days after sending invites to the new Facebook page, the owner received a recommendation and shortly after shares of its business announcement post.

Building a strong online community helps to take your network of connections further by fostering the exchange of information. The anchor of our online presence (aka our website) is an alternative way connecting you with us. We also offer opportunities to share your information and insight too. Ask us about being a guest author on our blog.

We welcome all to our online community… follow one or follow all! We strive to provide timely articles, tips and visual content to inform, inspire and engage you. Find us at:

linkedinLinkedIn: earth-to-business-marketing

twitterTwitter: @Earth2BizMrktg

facebookFacebook: earthtobusinessmarketing

Update May 7, 2014:

Within two months after launching our social media presence, we strengthened our brand by refreshing our profiles. Take a look at the difference small changes can make.

Creating an Online Social Presence: 2014 Improvements for Earth to Business Marketing

Every step we take is another way to Turn Daydreams Into Profits!

Update July 21, 2014:

Feedback about how well our social media posts are meeting your needs, like the one below, is greatly appreciated!

Update July 15, 2014:

Earth to Business Marketing is now on Google+! See you there if it’s your preferred social media platform.

Update April 1, 2019:

Google+ accounts shut down for consumers on April 1st, but you can still find our updates on here under News, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and in our e-newsletter.