Enter to Win our 2017-2018 Calendar Contest

Starting in Small Business Month, we are celebrating the launch of our first product with a chance for you to win a copy of our 2018 Marketing Content Calendar!

2018 Marketing Content Calendar

This is not your average calendar! It includes international and national holidays (mostly for Ontario, Canada), and many other observances (also known as #HashtagHolidays) to help you build a marketing strategy and content plan for 2018.

2016 Just Own It Conference & Boot Camp

The 2nd Just Own It! conference (#JOI2016) by Brescia University College was another wonderful experience for high school girls and women entrepreneurs from London and surrounding area!

Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions

Since 2001, Deloitte has been reporting on and predicting yearly technology, media, and telecommunications trends that may have significant impact on companies in many sectors.  Something that seems to be the “coolest” gadget for the market may not be the greatest hit whether due to its functionality challenges, or how it’s marketed to the intended audience.

Recap for #EveryEntrepreneur Tour – Ontario

Why take a round trip to Toronto from London for a business unconference? For a wider network of connections, inspiration, bootcamp-style training sessions (finance, scaling, marketing and going global), one-on-one mentorship, and support… all courtesy of Startup Canada’s national #EveryEntrepreneur Tour finale in Toronto.