Software applications (also known as ‘apps’) have become a major part of business, and life in general. The diversity of apps has allowed for higher productivity levels, convenience in completing tasks, and greater communication across the globe. Understanding a bit about how apps are created i.e. “how to code” gives one appreciation for the creativity and skill involved to develop something unique.

The HTML500

Lighthouse Labs created the HTML500 to champion digital literacy in Canada by giving access to over 2,000 Canadians across four cities, looking to make the first step at learning basic HTML (foundation that defines the elements) and CSS (décor/style).  According to Lighthouse Labs, the goal of the HTML500 was

“…to not only teach you how to code, but make a statement about how computer programming needs to become more solidly implemented in educational institutions around Canada.”

A key aspect of the HTML500 was the involvement of mentors from the local tech community, who were paying forward the skills they’ve learned.

“This movement of developers helping each other grow is what empowers our community to do great things!” ~ Lighthouse Labs

And the outcome was just that! Final projects were hosted by Canadian Web Hosting for a few months so everyone could showcase their completed work/learning. To learn more about this immersive coding education boot camp, check out the hashtag #HTML500.

Learning Coding in London, Ontario

In London, over 20 local companies and organizations helped run the event #CodeInLdnONT at the London Convention Centre and mentor 500 attendees from all walks of life. Attendees created their own website landing page either as a resume or for a company using Brackets, an open source text editor for web design.

For Colleen G. McCauley, Earth to Business Marketing’s owner, the event was a great opportunity to learn more about what goes on behind the screens of a website (and software applications in general), and apply that knowledge to better serve clients. And besides that, what’s a tech event without a few technical difficulties to learn more about troubleshooting? As many laptops and cell phones were connected to Wifi, some people (including Colleen) had trouble connecting to the internet. Thanks to the tech savy mentors of MLD Solutions and other attendees the internet connection was resolved as well as a few coding issues.

In the end, networking connections were made, coding was learned and then the final web page was completed at home. Click image below for larger view.

E2BM weblanding page

For those who missed the event, Lighthouse Labs graciously provided resources to help anyone gain basic knowledge about and grasp the power of code including a free eBook, and the HTML500 lecture slides and curriculum (GIFs & cat pictures included) from the event. Please remember to #PayItForward by passing on the knowledge about coding that you learn!