A common advertising option for many businesses, particularly for those with a small budget, is the use of business directories. Today, many printed business directories are being replaced with a digital version due to higher printing costs in relation to lower revenues, and the prevalence of search engine marketing.

“One credible means of link development is getting your web site listed well in high-quality web directories (also known as human-based search engines) and industry-related sites. In fact, I often begin all search engine optimization campaigns with the web directories. It’s one of the quickest ways to give your site credibility.”

~ Shari Thurow, Founder and SEO Director at Omni Marketing Interactive

Source: http://www.searchenginesbook.com/searchenginemarketing.html

There many different opportunities to list your website online as part of your inbound marketing strategy, and as Shari mentioned, business directories are the quickest way to build credibility for your website. Start by looking for local directories then build listings in other directories that match your core values and target market. Economic development offices, industry associations, and networking groups often provided a free directory listing with their lowest membership level. Make sure take advantage of any online business listing when you sign up and set it up to go live quickly!

Setting up your business listed online is simple too. Fill out the basic profile details about your business i.e. contact information (phone, fax, address), links to your website and social media accounts, a short description, and logo (other pictures may be upload depending on the options provided) then typically your business listing is live! It’s important to note that not all free options are credible or reputable, and some approvals can take several months before your listing is activated. For example, approval of Earth to Business Marketing’s listing on YellowPages took almost 5 months (May to Oct).  Also, the page you submit your website to should have a page rank higher than your own page. Check your website page rank in the tool below:

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Once you submit your business listings, REMEMBER to keep note of all your directory listings and UPDATE them regularly too! If you are looking for directory ideas, below you’ll find Earth to Business Marketing listings by the month they went live (to be updated periodically) followed by articles with more listing options.

Online Directory Listings for Earth to Business Marketing

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January 2015 

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October 2014

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Where to find other directories to list your business?

If you are just starting out or want to add listings to more directories, check out the options mentioned in the following articles:

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Is your business listed on any directories that you would recommend?

Add a link in the comments, and tell us how it’s helped you advertise your business products or services.