On Wednesday, June 25th of 2014, our founder Colleen G. McCauley (@CGMcCauley) will be a guest to StartUp Canada’s #startupchats from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm EDT.   This Twitter chat is Part 7 of the non-profit organization’s marketing series, and titled “Meeting in the real world. How to network like Rob Ford.”

 “Connections are essential in the startup sphere. But more important then that is knowing what value the new connections will bring, as in the end time is money. Today’s talk will discuss effective networking techniques and how to leverage it to explore new opportunities.” ~ StartUp Canada

twitterAs a Twitter chat guest, Colleen will answer questions posed by the StartUp Canada hosts and participants using the hashtag #startupchats (feature image credit to StartUp Canada).  Chat questions will start with Q1, Q2, etc. and answers with A1, A2, etc. including the hashtag in every tweet to help create an archive of the discussion.  After the chat, we’ll post an update about the feedback and comments received.  Looking forward to this great opportunity to share information and connect with new and existing followers!

~ Planning To Participate? ~

If you are interested in joining the chat, jump in to the conversation right away by searching for the hashtag #startupchats then select “All”. Try your best to keep tweets to 140 characters with the hashtag #startupchats. If your question or comment is going to be longer, you can opt to use “1/1 and 1/2, etc.” format at the beginning of the tweet though it can be difficult to track with larger participants. Check out the tutorial video if you would like to learn more about how to participate in the chat. For an example of the format and flow of a chat discussion, view StartUp Canada’s past chat archives at http://storify.com/StartupCanada#stories.

Want To Increase Your Connections?

Address anyone in the chat with your questions or comments directly by including the person’s @name so they can see your response in notifications. Retweet the answers you like or any other comments during the chat. Remember to say thanks to those who retweet your comments as soon as you can! After the chat (or during the chat), follow any participant you’d like to connect with further — this is online networking at its best!

All networking requires nurturing relationships. Reconnect regularly to understand better how to align goals to others.

Update for June 25th Twitter Chat

For some great networking tips, check out Startup Canada‘s my ‪#‎Storify story of the #startupchats called “Meeting in the Real World: How to Network Like Rob Ford” at http://sfy.co/sZ5J.  Guests Colleen G. McCauley (@CGMcCauley) of Earth to Business Marketing and Allison Graham (@AllisonDGraham) of Elevate Biz answered 10 key questions to share their thoughts about networking, and those posed by the Twitter audience.