The idea of “green” holidays may not sound appealing to those hoping for a white winter wonderland. Yet, “green” for a business is good for the books, and the environment.

As interest in sustainable brands continues to grow, businesses and organizations of any size have ample reasons, and luckily, many opportunities to be green consumers too.

These four steps could help you provide the gift of being green for the earth this holiday season, and end the year with green (sales).

Commit to be a green business consumer

Being a green consumer is more important each year, so it’s important to commit to sustainability.

No planning is really required to make your commitment. Just write down that you plan to green your business.

Then start by adjusting what your business consumes with each new purchase.

Encourage suppliers to be green too

Where and how your business buys products and services it uses (also known as procurement) ought to be the base of your company’s commitment to sustainability.

Holding all of your suppliers, no matter their product or service, accountable will go a long way to show your true commitment. What they do reflects back on what your business is about. If they are not committed to environmental responsible actions then how can you say your business is when purchasing from them?

Ask them what actions they are taking to reduce harm to the environment, and how they can partner with you to help you on the path to be a greener consumer.

Key areas for Green Consumption in a BusinessInitiate your green business journey

Identify purchases that could immediately reduce your company’s environmental footprint. Key consumption areas of a business or organization to address include:

  • Products/Services and Packaging
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Office Supplies
  • Equipment and Furniture
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Meals and Entertainment
  • Professional Services

Sales and marketing materials and activities are most important to business success, and can have profound impacts on the environment, especially if a lot of travelling is required. Continue with the next steps of your green journey through those activities.


Launch green holiday marketing activities

For this holiday season, you could show your commitment to sustainability with a Sales and Marketing initiative to encourage your customers to practice green consumerism too. Ask customers what they think your business could do. Promote the initiative and the results from it by using materials such as recycled paper, and online and mobile channels recognized as a greener way to practice marketing.

If you’re not ready to spread the word about your commitment to sustainability just yet, take a few more small steps to green your business with the following marketing tactics:

  1. Give gifts or gift cards that you create, buy locally, or can offer an experience.
  2. Creatively wrap gifts or skip the wrapping altogether.
  3. Choose promotional items with minimal packaging, preferably made from sustainable materials and that can easily be recycled.
  4. Decorate with eco-friendly materials e.g., LED lights and a plantable tree.
  5. Buy local farms foods for holiday parties or as gifts.
  6. Host a holiday-themed charity event or contest for your community.
  7. Consider offsetting pollution generated by travelling.
  8. Volunteer your holiday spirit to help improve your community and the planet.

If you need to topic ideas for your content into December, search our online calendar.

Wrap up with your sustainable plan

Every day is an opportunity for us all to commit to be a green consumer and reduce the impact of business activities on the natural environment. The holidays are a great time to start showing our compassion towards each other and our earth.

Once the holidays are over, plan your goals and take more positive steps to make your business green and sustainable going forward into the New Year.

Comment below with any steps your business has taken towards greening activities to let others know what they could try.

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This article is a combined and revised version from the original articles published in our e-newsletters: “Green Holiday Marketing” of October 2018 and “Be a Green Biz Consumer” of September 2019.