As we all need to celebrate the end of another year, this Entrepreneurs Social Recharge served as one last round of festive socializing.

Anyone missing out on holiday parties were invited to join our Entrepreneurs Social Recharge Holiday Edition on Twitter December 17, LinkedIn December 18, and Facebook December 20, 2019. Here’s a “wrap-up” of what happened.

This month’s virtual #BizSocialRecharge chats included an online holiday scavenger game and brief discussion about marketing during the holiday season.

These virtual chats included two 15-minute parts:

  • Part 1 included three practice discussions (PDs) about holiday marketing tips and tactics, and
  • Part 2 was a holiday scavenger game by guessing answers to clues as if played in three break rooms (TBRs).

The same goals were set and rules applied as designed for our November ESR, and businesses and nonprofits were again invited to be in the spotlight.

Below are links to the PDs and TBRs for review and comments.

Part 1 – Practice Discussion

Twitter Dec 17

LinkedIn December 18

REMINDER: Follow the instructions in the recommended video to comment as LinkedIn business page from a desktop computer. Click here for video.

PD 1L: Does your company give out gifts, and/or have you received gifts from a biz/org during the holiday season? How well was the gift received?

PD 2L: What social media tools do you like to use?

PD 3L: Did you create a holiday meme this year, or see a funny one that you really liked? Please share it.

Facebook December 20

Click here for the event page if you wish to make a comment on any of the PDs on Facebook.

PD 1f: Do you use holiday hashtags to track engagement? If so, please share them.

PD 2f: Hashtag holidays can keep your content more interesting. Have you heard a new one? Please share the name of it.

PD 3f: What’s on Your Holiday Wish List for your business?

Part 2 – Scavenger Hunt Game

12 days before Christmas, the first 3 clues of 12 clues were posted on all 3 social media platforms to kick off the scavenger hunt, and 3 different ones were released on each platform. Finding and replying to all 12 clues was a chance to have two spotlights in the next ESR (to be announced).

First 3 clues posted to Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook on December 13

Twitter Dec 17

TBR 1T: Clue 4, TBR 2T: Clue 5, and TBR 3T: Clue 6.

LinkedIn December 18

TBR 1L: Clue 7

TBR 2L: Clue 8

TBR 3L: Clue 9

Facebook December 20

Click here for the event page if you wish to make a comment on any of the TBRs on Facebook: TBR 1L: Clue 10, TBR 2L: Clue 11, and TBR 3L: Clue 12.

Wrapping up the year

Many organizations host a final networking event before the holiday season. People are generally friendlier, and conversations tend to shift our focus to next year’s goals. Yet, attending any of the events pre-holidays can be a challenge when you work at home, especially when you work for yourself.

The holiday season can also be a lonely time for many people, so having an activity online offers an opportunity for engagement at any time. Our intent for this Entrepreneurs Social Recharge Holiday Edition was to have a game that anyone could share, and have fun with during the holidays.

The ESR chats were developed as a different way to network, and engage in positive social media chats for entrepreneurs, freelancers and marketers working remotely.   We hope this was a great way to wrap up the year, and get into the holiday spirit.

Please comment below if you are interested in participating in the next #BizSocialRecharge event.