In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week (#GEW2019), the Entrepreneurs Social Recharge (ESR or #BizSocialRecharge) was created as a social networking opportunity.

We set up the ESR as a virtual water cooler chat for an hour on Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Facebook on November 19, 20 and 22 respectively in 2019. It was designed and hosted by Colleen McCauley. Each chat was formed into two 15-minute parts:

  • Part 1 included three practice discussions (PDs) for a warm up, and
  • Part 2 was the game as if played in three break rooms (TBRs) while reviewing articles.

Mainly entrepreneurs, freelancers and marketers were invited to join the ESR, though anyone working remotely could have joined as it took place on social media. The goals were for participants to:

  1. Practice positive social engagement.
  2. Raise brand visibility.
  3. Improve relationships.

Participants were to chat online as if they were in a break room at work. Comments or replies could be random, true, abstract or off-the-wall in accordance to etiquette rules that all were to agree with.

Rules for Entrepreneurs Social Recharge of November 2019

All were asked to comment on each other’s comments using business pages/accounts to keep it interactive, and also to use the hashtag #BizSocialRecharge.

Below are links to the PDs and TBRs that anyone is welcome to comment on at any time.

Part 1 – Practice Discussion

Twitter November 19

LinkedIn November 20

PD 1L: Today, there is more retelling of stories due to the internet and social media.

PD 2L: We all have filters that shape how we interpret a message. And they are …[your answer]

PD 3L: Organic content is the best way to stay in touch with your current audience.

Facebook November 22

Click here for the event page if you wish to make a comment on any of the PDs on Facebook.

PD 1f: The movement from traditional marketing to digital marketing represents a significant opportunity.

PD 2f: The noise in your audience’s world could interfere when they are exposed to a message.

PD 3f: Sharing your content on social media will drive traffic to your site.

Part 2 – Interactive Online Telephone Game

Twitter November 19

LinkedIn November 20




Facebook November 22

TBR 1f:

TBR 2f:

TBR 3f:

Summary of the first ESR online chats

Working from home can be isolating, and no entrepreneur should ever have to feel alone. And, a lack of social presence, offline or online, can have a profound impact on any business or non-profit organization. Our Entrepreneurs Social Recharge (ESR) was meant to provide a break and meaningful way to renew social networks without having to travel.

It was an opportunity to interact and gain feedback to help build brand awareness and exposure. Moreover, it was a chance to connect and discover potential collaborations. A spotlight was even added for a FREE way for any small business or nonprofit organization, with less than 100 employees,  to get their social media accounts, products or services highlighted during the conversation.

Our intent for the ESR was to grow a story online using a format similar to the telephone game. Like the telephone game, online interactions are susceptible to misconceptions, especially on social media. Messages sent out online, or any media channel, are complicated by perceptions, so can end up being significantly different from what was intended.

This pilot ESR explored that issue, and demonstrated it too!

Please comment below if you are interested in participating in a future #BizSocialRecharge event, or to discuss services and/or opportunities to collaborate with us.