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Sea Otter Awareness Week

Sea otters live in the northern Pacific coastal waters. Celebrate these charismatic and adorable marine creatures by learning more about their behaviours and the challenges they face in the ocean. #SeaOtterAwarenessWeek

National Forest Week

Forests have an important role in the economy and history of most countries. National Forest Week is a great chance to learn more about Canada’s forest heritage, and this valuable and renewable resource during the last full week of September. #NationalForestWeek

International Day of Peace

Each September 21 is a 24-hour time to observe peace and commit to non-violence. We can all spread compassion and kindness today. The 2020 theme for the International Day of Peace is “Shaping Peace Together.” #InternationalDayofPeace

Zero Emissions Day

Zero Emissions Day, or ZeDay, focuses on reducing emissions by not burning fossil fuels to generate electricity. According to the organizers of this initiative, there are four guidelines to follow: Don’t use or burn oil or gas or coal Minimize (or eliminate) your use of electricity generated by fossil fuels Don’t put anyone in harm’s way: All essential and emergency services operate normally Do your best, have fun, enjoy the day! #ZeroEmissionsDay

Pause the World Day

Pausing World Day is your chance to forget or put aside a problem, even if just for a day. Turn off all noise and things that stress you out. Take time for a massage, get in touch with nature, or do not check your phone as possible. Give yourself a break. #PausetheWorldDay