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Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week is an international initiative to encourage and support young people to start their business and highlight their many innovative ideas. The week is also an opportunity to participate in networking meetings, and connect participants to potential collaboration, mentors and possible investors. #GlobalEntrepreneurshipWeek #GEW2020

World Toilet Day

Observed annually on November 19, World Toilet Day draws the public's attention to the global sanitation crisis. It also aims to engage people and governments to act in favor of the right to sanitation for all. #WorldToiletDay

Have a Bad Day Day

It’s okay to have a bad day as we all have ups and downs. Have a Bad Day Day is a reminder that bad days don’t last forever, so embrace and accept it. This day is also a fun opportunity to give customer service workers a bit of an “opposite day” and wish a “Have Bad Day!” to customers. #HaveaBadDayDay

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Show your appreciation and pride for women entrepreneurs around the world today. Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is an initiative to mobilize a global network of female business owners, and inspire the next generation of young women to become strong global leaders. #Women’sEntrepreneurshipDay #WED

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