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Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week is an international initiative to encourage and support young people to start their business and highlight their many innovative ideas. The week is also an opportunity to participate in networking meetings, and connect participants to potential collaboration, mentors and possible investors. #GlobalEntrepreneurshipWeek #GEW2020

World Philosophy Day

Observed every third Thursday in November, World Philosophy Day celebrates the study of the existence and development of human thought. Share your thoughts openly and have a philosophical discussion about contemporary issues in society. #WorldPhilosophyDay

National Recycling Day

National Recycling Day was created to encourage the purchase of recycled products. It’s also a day to be aware of the importance of separating waste to ensure that recyclable materials can be used in the manufacture of new products. Do your part to help combat the global waste crisis. #NationalRecyclingDay

Use Less Stuff Day

Use Less Stuff Day is a reminder that less is more, especially during one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Make a conscious decision to reduce your waste. Think of alternatives such as electronic cards or tickets to help protect the environment. Practice using less stuff the Thursday before Thanksgiving Day in the USA. #UseLessStuffDay

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