Welcome to our Sustainability Content Calendar for your marketing needs.

All Day

Author’s Day

Pick up a book by your favorite author for a relaxing moment on Author’s Day. Celebrate all writers and their ability to write creative and amazing stories today. #Author’sDay

World Vegan Day

Share your favorite vegan recipe or recommend a great vegan restaurant. World Vegan Day highlights the many benefits of a plant-based diet to raise awareness about the vegan lifestyle. Veganism also advocates animals’ rights, and encourages first steps to an animal product free diet. #WorldVeganDay

Give up your shoulds Day

Take a break from using the word “should” at least for today. Stop thinking about things you “should” do. Give Up You Should Day is your chance to get rid of thoughts that may overwhelm and make you feel guilty. Take action on things that are really important to you, and could make a difference in your life. #GiveUpYourShouldsDay

We try to keep our content calendar up-to-date and appreciate your feedback if any mistakes are found.