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National Seniors Day

Recognize and celebrate seniors for the many contributions they made to our homes, communities and workplace. Demonstrate your appreciation and respect today by thanking them, and spending some quality time with a senior you love. #NationalSeniorsDay

World Vegetarian Day

Annually observed on October 1st, World Vegetarian Day celebrates being a vegetarian. Learn more about a meatless lifestyle and the benefits of changing eating habits on one’s health, society and the environment. #WorldVegetarianDay

World Smile Day

Smiling can relieve stress and improves mood and can be good for your business too. The first Friday of October is dedicated to World Smile Day, an opportunity to spread acts of kindness that make someone smile too. Also, marks the birthplace of the yellow smiley face. #WorldSmileDay

Manufacturing Day

Every year on the first Friday on October, Manufacturing Day is dedicated to inspire young people to pursue careers in manufacturing. Many manufacturers open their doors to show the opportunities and challenges of modern manufacturing. #ManufacturingDay #MFGDay

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