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Clean up the World Weekend

Make a powerful impact by participating in a clean up event or organize your own activity to clean up trash this weekend. Clean Up the World Weekend events can help combat the international waste problem. #CleanUptheWorldWeekend

Hug Your Boss Day

Offer a hug to your boss for all the hard work they do, even if only a virtual hug on Hug Your Boss Day. Show your appreciation and turn this gesture in a bright and positive experience. #HugYourBossDay

Woman Road Warrior Day

Woman Road Warrior Day recognizes the achievements of women on the road. Today reflect on or plan for your next business trip if you are one. Otherwise, ask a woman who travels for business about the greatest rewards and challenges for her. #WorldRoadWarriorDay #WomanRoadWarriorDay

Sea Otter Awareness Week

Sea otters live in the northern Pacific coastal waters. Celebrate these charismatic and adorable marine creatures by learning more about their behaviours and the challenges they face in the ocean. #SeaOtterAwarenessWeek

National Forest Week

Forests have an important role in the economy and history of most countries. National Forest Week is a great chance to learn more about Canada’s forest heritage, and this valuable and renewable resource during the last full week of September. #NationalForestWeek

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