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Waste Reduction Week

Canada Waste Reduction Week celebrates environmental efforts and achievements while encouraging new innovative ideas and solutions to reduce waste. The event is held by Recycling Council of Ontario to encourage more environmentally conscious choices. #WasteReductionWeek #WRWCanada

Small Business Week

Created by Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), Small Business Week celebrates entrepreneurs and all their contributions to Canada’s economy. Conferences, workshops and trade fairs are held across Canada to learn, network and share ideas. #SmallBusinessWeek #SmallBusinessWeekCanada #BDCSmallBusinessWeek

Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day

Observed on the third Wednesday in October, Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day highlights organizations, professionals and volunteers who works hard to give support to local business. The day is also a chance to recognize the role chambers of commerce play in communities. #SupportYourLocalChamberofCommerceDay

Reptile Awareness Day

Take a moment to read and learn more about reptiles and their many species. Reptile Awareness Day promotes awareness, education and preservation of these magnificent creatures. #ReptileAwarenessDay