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World Humanitarian Day

Today is dedicated to those who have lost their lives or put them in risk working for humanitarian causes. World Humanitarian Day advocates for the safety and security of humanitarian aid workers, and the well-being and dignity of people affected by crises throughout the world. #WorldHumanitarianDay

World Orangutan Day

Found only in two places in the world, orangutans are on the brink of extinction. World Orangutan Day is dedicated to raise awareness and encourage people to take action in aid protecting these amazing creatures. #OrangutanDay

World Photo Day

August 19th marks the celebration of the art, science and history of photography. Take a photo with your family, friends or the sunset today and save this moment forever. Also share some of your best shots on social media. #WorldPhotoDay

Aviation Day

Today marks the development of aviation and the birthday of Orville Wright, one of the pioneers of the American aviation. #AviationDay