This is not your average calendar! It includes international and national holidays (mostly for Ontario, Canada), and many other observances (also known as #HashtagHolidays) to help you build a marketing strategy and content plan for 2018.

Though there are over 1,000 holidays and observances of all kinds each and every year, we focused on compiling ones in this calendar mainly related to business topics and environmental issues. Some days are proclaimed by governments or inter-governmental bodies such as the UN, and others by corporations, non-profit organizations or community groups.

You’ll find over 250 days (some weekends or weeks) with over 400 holidays and observances in this calendar. Many dates have multiple holidays and observances, and many of those are the same date every year (so you can incorporate them into your marketing plan every year). Just remember to double check the dates year to year as some days do change as they are for a certain day of the week rather than a designated date. Also, remember what’s most important is the intent of the holiday rather than the hashtag. Think of how can you work each day into a conversation, and in what way does it apply to your customers.

2018 Marketing Content Calendar by Earth to Business Marketing

Save it to your cellphone, or print a copy to take with you everywhere you go (letter size; perfect for a portfolio binder) or pin up in your place of business as a reminder of different topics you could use to

  • strike up a conversation with a customer or a new contact while you are at a networking event or in elevator,
  • plan your next marketing campaign months in advance by identify key dates that fit a theme, and
  • generate ideas for content to develop for your blog or social media posts.

This Marketing Content Calendar can help you determine the best times of the year to demonstrate your commitment to your customers experience and sustainability. It is your starting point to targeted marketing content!

Please let us know how you used this calendar in the comments below or by tagging us in social media.

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Print options: letter size-full page, letter size- two half pages per month, or 11×17-full page (larger font).

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Note: All the monthly photographs included in this calendar were taken by Colleen G. McCauley, Owner/Founder of Earth to Business Marketing.