Yesterday`s Eye on Enterprise conference (#SpotTheOpportunity) presented by the London Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) had inspirational small business stories that reminded everyone of the importance of entrepreneurs to the economy,  a willingness to learn and gain knowledge to be successful, and getting support from others.

“When you’re running your own company, it’s easy to be consumed by the day-to-day tasks that never seem to end. But it’s important to schedule time to get out of the office and think strategically about your role, the direction you’re heading, and the improvements you can make to develop yourself and add value to your company and your employees.” ~ LEDC Eye on Enterprise 2015

This conference was a chance to do just that.  Thanks to EMCEE Jess Brady, Reporter/Anchor from AM980 the event’s media partner, the speakers, organizers and all the great resources showcased that support start-ups and existing small business and social enterprises in our community including:

Other resources that were not at the event include:

Below is a recap of some speaker quotes captured thanks to the Twitter audience at this “Tedtalk style” networking event.

Kevin Houben, Co-Owner, universitybrand

  • The most successful people are the most resourceful people. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and support.
  • In life and business, you win and lose. If you look at the experience, you become a better person.

Paul Hogendoorn, President, FreePoint Technologies

  • Entrepreneurship is an adventure within the adventure of life.
  • Recognize that you have to engage younger workers in a different way than older workers.

David Corke, Executive Director, London Training Centre

  • Some people say think outside the box. Well, I say think inside the box, what do you have to work with?
  • ‘Failing forward’ is an important part of success. We can’t make change without failure.
  • If you have a dream, if you have a passion, figure it out – you have to sustain it.

Keynote Speaker: Manjit Minhas, President, Mountain Crest Liquors Inc.

  • Post-secondary education is important because it teaches you how to learn. Gives you a base, confidence.
  • Our failures didn’t define our company, our successes have.
  • Always be cautious, but courageous. Fit the fight and keeping on going.
  • Win and lose like a team” – the importance of a support network.
  • Along the way there are many failures. Not everyone is successful. What you do is a learning experience.
  • Always be cautious, but courageous. Fit the fight and keeping on going.

Jessica Hodgson, Owner, Kaleid Snow Gear

  • No matter where you are in your journey, just go for it and do it your way.
  • Learn from video games…If you encounter enemies, it means you are going the right way.
  • Distinguish between people who are pushing you from those who are pulling you.

Other speakers included Carmina De Young, Owner & Fashion Designer, Carmina De Young Designs and Dr. Leonardo Millon, Co-Founder, CEO & CTO, Lifelike BioTissue.  The event concluded with final words by Mayor Matt Brown about the importance of small business in London, Ontario.

More information about the event and the keynote speaker is in yesterday`s article “Eye On Enterprise, a conference to encourage big-picture thinking among entrepreneurs, at the London Convention Centre” by Norman DeBono of The London Free Press.

Colleen G. McCauley, Earth to Business Marketing and Carmina De Young. Photo Credit to LEDC. 

It was a pleasure to take time away from daily tasks to connect with everyone at the event and in the community involved that support entrepreneurship and small business with a passion and interest a kin to Earth to Business Marketing‘s mission.