One simple step to make a good first impression online is to have a professional headshot that makes you look good and feel confident!  On Sunday, July 13, 2014, several women including Colleen G McCauley from Earth to Business Marketing took the opportunity to get a new photograph and be pampered as contestants of the Face of Pink Ink (FOPI) contest.

Face of Pink Ink FlyerFor a limited time, the FOPI contest team treated women of ages 16 to 99 years to make-up by Pink Ink, hairdo by Wright Hair & Co., outfit from Jockey Person to Person, and mini-photoshoot with Angelic Images Photography. Contestants also received a bag full of goodies and a digital Facebook photo from Angelic Images Photography.

After August 24, 2014, the FOPI team selected and posted the two best images (headshot and full body) for each contestant to Facebook albums by age category (16–33 Yrs, 34-45 Yrs, and 46+ Yrs), and their definition of beauty. Albums will be located on the Facebook pages of The Face of Pink InkPink Ink, 100Things2Do, WIBusiness, 3 Ring Video, Park Lane Jewellery with Tammy, Jockey P2P with CarolynJockey P2P with Mary-AnnAngelic Images Photography and Wright Hair & Co for voting starting August 30, 2014 and ending on September 12, 2014.  This means YOU have up to TEN votes per contestant by visiting all 10 Facebook pages! Open the hyperlinks to then go to Photo Albums to vote your choices by age category.

One winner from each age category is chosen by the final judging panel on Sunday, September 14, 2014 to become a Pink Ink spokeswoman in 2014-2015. Winners will receive a professional photoshoot, interviews and prize packages, be featured in online blogs and catalogues, present to Single Women in Motherhood (SWIM), and more! Full details are available on the FOPI website at

THANKS to the FOPI team and sponsors for providing a great opportunity for women to feel and look special! I  enjoyed networking with other contestants and your team, being pampered, and all the goodies during the day and in the bag to go. Looking forward to seeing the final selections. Wish me luck! ~ Colleen

A new post will be made once photos are uploaded to all the Facebook pages for voting. Please check back for an update!

Updated August 31, 2014


Photos for contestants of the FOPI have been uploaded to the 10 Facebook pages noted! To cast up to 10 VOTES for contestant Colleen G McCauley by September 12th, LIKE the photo under each album located on the Facebook pages  linked below. Reading of each contestant’s definition of beauty is highly recommended, and you can even add your own definition of beauty too!

FOPI Image from FB 10603797_752100108181643_8340117437236430233_n

Beauty is one’s experience of another person’s character and intentions. Natural beauty is one’s interpretation of physical attractiveness of any being or object. As beauty is subjective to the one’s personal perception i.e. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I believe beauty is specific to my own experience of what I look at and how it makes me feel. ~ Colleen

On October 17th at the Ladies Night Out – Red Carpet Affair, all three winners will be presented as Pink Ink’s 2014-2015 spokesmodels. This semi-formal/formal charitable fundraiser will support Single Women in Motherhood (SWIM) and give women a night to remember.  For more details, go to

Thanks to everyone casting votes and supporting this great opportunity!

Updated September 15, 2014

~ And the Winners are…

Ultimately, all the participants are winners for taking the time to be pampered and get a professional photo for use on social media!  Best of luck to Pink Ink and the 3 spokeswomen of 2014-2015. Many thanks to all voters and sponsors for supporting all the contestants!